Mission Oriented

This post references the first official aviation accident in which texting was considered part of the cause. See this link.

Psychologists have found pilots to be compartmentalizers. This can (and has) made for some difficult interpersonal relations because we need a place for everything and everything in its place psychologically. Did you ever see the movie “The Great Santini”?

A compartmentalizer may be hard to live with because they ruthlessly guard the mission. Consequently, they are more likely to survive in a high risk environment. When personal issues invade the pilot’s mission compartment, the mission is in danger and lives hang in the balance. And here is the insidiously dangerous nature of driving while texting:

Texting (even just talking on the phone) involves emotional content, intense dialogue that endangers the mission by getting into your driving compartment.

Reaction times for those even just talking on a phone while driving are (on average) worse than for those driving under the influence. Never text. Turn off the phone while driving. If a call is essential, pull over to make it. This is the only way to keep your driving compartment clear of deadly distractions.

Target Leadership and Odievision jointly release power packed DVD series with seven safety lessons

Target Leadership President and CEO, former USAF A-10 Fighter Pilot, Jeff “Odie” Espenship, in cooperation with his multimedia division, Odievision, has released a DVD title “Safety Lessons for Superior Leadership”. This DVD is a collection of lessons Odie delivers internationally to global companies in high-risk industries. This is the first time this exclusive training has been made available to smaller companies with employees in high-risk situations that don’t have the resources to attend larger safety conferences.

The DVD is a full library of training material contained in seven lessons averaging eight minutes each (total of 56 minutes), suitable for inspiring training sessions at any high-risk work facility. The titles include:

  • Complacency: The Silent Killer
  • Snap Decisions
  • Pulling Through Every Time
  • Changes in Work Activity
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Knock It Off
  • Keep Off the Grass

Each of these mini-sessions address a close call or a life and death situation, and serve as reminder of how you can keep your employees safe in their jobs through attention to small details and not cutting corners for efficiency or improved bottom lines. The DVD can be used an unlimited number of times at a fraction of the cost of just registration at major safety conferences, not to mention the cost of travel.

Visit for product information and to order.

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Odie’s Target Leadership message is one of the most sought after keynotes among Fortune 100 companies such as Exxon Mobile, Chevron & General Electric. Whether the audience is medical, manufacturing, chemical, utility, construction, banking, team sports, or retail, their programs will motivate the workforce to accelerate to new heights in leadership, safety, teamwork, and overall operational excellence.

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