Mission Oriented

This post references the first official aviation accident in which texting was considered part of the cause. See this link.

Psychologists have found pilots to be compartmentalizers. This can (and has) made for some difficult interpersonal relations because we need a place for everything and everything in its place psychologically. Did you ever see the movie “The Great Santini”?

A compartmentalizer may be hard to live with because they ruthlessly guard the mission. Consequently, they are more likely to survive in a high risk environment. When personal issues invade the pilot’s mission compartment, the mission is in danger and lives hang in the balance. And here is the insidiously dangerous nature of driving while texting:

Texting (even just talking on the phone) involves emotional content, intense dialogue that endangers the mission by getting into your driving compartment.

Reaction times for those even just talking on a phone while driving are (on average) worse than for those driving under the influence. Never text. Turn off the phone while driving. If a call is essential, pull over to make it. This is the only way to keep your driving compartment clear of deadly distractions.

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