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Every high-risk enterprise MUST have a culture of safety to minimize accidents, and that kind of culture is developed through personal responsibility, procedural compliance, and appropriate leadership at every level. This study guide based on the “Pulling Through” DVD provides a framework for developing that kind of culture.
The study guide may be used alone, but will be greatly enhanced by viewing the DVD entitled, “Pulling Through Every Time” available from and under the product link of this site. In this video, Jeff “Odie” Espenship describes events surrounding the loss of his brother in an aviation accident.

Your company could benefit from this study guide and optional DVD if:

  • Teamwork and personal responsibility matter,
  • You cannot afford shortcuts in procedures,
  • You need to set and maintain high standards of personal conduct in daily operations.

If you need to develop an effective half-day session on improving the workplace safety culture, this study guide is an excellent resource.

-Audie O.

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