Target Leadership is now available on Nook and Kindle

A compelling and unprecedented perspective on leadership, Target Leadership, by Jeff “Odie” Espenship, CEO of Target Leadership, Inc., has been made available for the Kindle and Nook. In just a few short days, Target Leadership has received five stars on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In Target Leadership, Jeff “Odie” Espenship gives you a flight plan that will guide and motivate your leadership team to become Target Leaders. Being a Target Leader takes courage, commitment, and humility. Staying the same is easy and change is difficult, but where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is no will, there is an excuse. Best practices in workplace leadership and safety involve attention to detail, avoiding complacency, and making sure that how it’s done around here is exactly the same as how it should be done around here.

Reader Feedback
“This guy was a USAF pilot (A-10 Warthog) with an ocean of experience in the world’s most advanced safety culture. So, when he writes about it you can believe it’s true.”

“I also was deeply touched by this fresh, humanistic approach to what many times is dull material.”

“From the Author’s tragic personal experience with casually disregarding (what can seem to be) tedious safety procedure to break downs and analysis of some of the world’s deadliest (and avoidable) accidents this book is both gripping and informative from start to finish.”

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About Target Leadership
Target Leadership, founded by fighter pilots and operated by fighter pilots, use their experience as fighter pilots to motivate and encourage a company’s “Fighter Pilots” (or employees) to embrace leadership safety systems in the workplace. Jeff “Odie” Espenship has become one of the highest rated leadership-safety keynote speakers with Fortune 100 and 500 employees nationwide. His motivational DVDs, sold worldwide in two languages, can be purchased online at His much anticipated book “Target Leadership: Mangers Manage – Leaders Influence – Target Leaders Inspire” was released in May of 2013 and can be purchased online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Whether the audience is medical, manufacturing, chemical, utility, construction, banking, team sports, or retail, their programs will motivate the workforce to accelerate to new heights in leadership, safety, teamwork, and overall operational excellence.

For more information please visit or call toll-free at (800) 392-1544.

Competence vs. Judgement

This post references the first official aviation accident in which texting was considered part of the cause. See this link.

Competence is one thing, poor judgment is another. The texting helicopter pilot was plenty competent. You? If you passed your driver’s test the state declares you a competent driver. But one more thing is essential to stay out of the hospital or morgue: attention to the job. In the fighter pilot realm we called this “mission orientation”. That is, knowing your mission and performing that mission while refusing to be distracted by qweep.

Qweep (n.) – Anything that distracts from the mission.

Your mission might be a safe trip to soccer practice or a road trip to Montana. You can do these while listening to the radio or engaging in small talk, but some distractions will compromise safety and must be ruthlessly eliminated. If fog gets so thick you cannot drive, don’t. If noise in the car is too loud to concentrate, turn down the noise. And if a phone keeps drawing your attention from the road, turn off the phone.

A pilot must protect the mission as though it were his life—because it is—and a driver must do the same. Politeness or bashfulness cannot be allowed to ruin a life. When the mission is being threatened, the offending distraction must be dealt with immediately and without mercy.